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Oto jak rząd amerykański poprzez Narodowe Instytuty Zdrowia opisuje możliwość leczenia osób z ZD:  http://www.genome.gov/19517824

Treatment for Down syndrome is based on the person’s physical problems and intellectual challenges. Many babies who have Down syndrome do not have good muscle tone, which makes it harder for them to roll over and walk. Physical therapy can help with these problems.

About 40 – 60 percent of babies born with Down syndrome have a heart defect. Therefore, all newborns with Down syndrome have their heart checked with an electrocardiogram and an echocardiogram. When there is a heart defect present in an infant with Down syndrome, the infant is referred to a pediatric cardiologist for medical management or to a pediatric cardiac surgeon for early surgical repair.

Some infants with Down syndrome have difficulties with swallowing or they may have blockages in their bowels. Surgery can be performed to correct these problems. Once corrected, they usually cause no further health issues.

Children with Down syndrome may have frequent colds and sinus and ear infections. These are treated early and aggressively to prevent hearing loss and chronic infections.

Low thyroid levels are more common in infants who have Down syndrome. It is recommended that thyroid level testing be performed at least yearly.

Some infants with Down syndrome have eye problems such as cataracts (cloudy lenses) or crossed eyes (strabismus). Surgery can help with these problems.

Sucking problems related to low muscle tone or heart problems may make breast feeding difficult initially. Occupational therapists, speech therapists, breast feeding consultants and support groups usually have specific resources for the mothers of infants with Down syndrome.

Intelligence in individuals with Down syndrome ranges from low normal to very slow to learn. At birth it is not possible to tell the level of intelligence a baby with Down syndrome will have. All areas of development including motor skills, language, intellectual abilities, and social and adaptive skills are followed closely in children with Down syndrome. Early referral, beginning at birth, to an early intervention program will help enhance development. Preschool programs for children with Down syndrome include physical, occupational, speech and educational therapies.

“LECZENIE zespołu Downa jest ukierunkowane na fizyczne problemy danej osoby jak i ograniczenia intelektualne.”- tak się zaczyna definicja NIH. Jak widać enumeracja problemów, która występuje w dalszej części definicji, a nam jest dobrze znana, wskazuje na jeden fakt:

To nie zespół Downa leczymy jako wadę genetyczną, a problemy i wyzwania, które są jego następstwem i jak widać one są już leczone.

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